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xxWebsite redesign! | 12 Aug 10

19:31:27 by Silverdisc
Views: 162896 | Comments: 5897

Hi guys! Since we decided to resurrect our forum (we've got some new active members  :D!) we have redesigned some of the forum to make it a little bit more TF2-like  ;). I hope you guys enjoy it, and see you around!...

xxAbout hats | 13 Jun 10

20:12:43 by Silverdisc
Views: 12367 | Comments: 12

The soldier was nice enough to come along today.

xxIntroducing YouTube for the rest of us. | 21 May 10

20:00:23 by Silverdisc
Views: 155848 | Comments: 12

After loads of waiting, talking, boredom and other stuff, we're introducing YouTube on our forums for the rest of us. Even the guys that aren't able to figure out where the embed box on YouTube is.

You can now press a YouTube button when making a post. Just insert the YouTube link between them and you're done. Araturo can post YouTube videos too now  :P....

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