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xxWe're looking for moderators! | 15 May 10

12:25:39 by Silverdisc
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Hi guys, the Toastedbox website needs moderators. We're looking for moderators with motivation to moderate one of our boards. Araturo has already gotten the board Fun, because he's totally the fun Toastedbox guy. If you want to be the moderator, reply to this topic. Tell us which board you would want and why. If we think you're good enough you could be the next Toasted moderator  8)!...

xxHLStatsX:CE on Toastedbox TF2 | 15 May 10

11:44:02 by Silverdisc
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Hi guys, I'm happy to announce that we now run HLStatsX:CE on the TF2 server. It's freaking awesome. The old rankings were deleted, but these rankings are way cooler  8). You can view the rankings by clicking Rankings in the top menu. Let me demonstrate it for you.

Since yesterday (when we introduced this) I got 63 kills on our TF2 server. 41.27% of them was on Phantom, 41.27% on Araturo and 17.46% on Cyberbull. 31.75% was with Sasha and 12.70% with the scattergun. Soldier was the most popular class, medic the least popular.

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